Tra Vinh is a coastal province in Mekong Delta which is 130 kilometers from Ho Chi Minh  City and 100 kilometers from Can Tho City. The province covers an area of 2,341 square kilometers, the population is about 1.1 people including 3 main ethnic groups: Kinh, Khmer, and Hoa of which the Khmer group accounts for 30 percent of the population. 

Tra Vinh has a lot of potentials to develop the cultural and historical tourism and marine tourism with fruit gardens. In particular, you can explore and understand more about the cultural identity of the land relating to the Khmer, Hoa and Kinh groups. 

When is the best time to visit Tra Vinh? If you're into fun and busy, you can visit here in the 7th or 10th lunar month when festivals take place. If you come here in summer, you can enjoy fresh fruits right at the gardens.

Coming Tra Vinh, you will be surprised to see many temples in different styles along the way you travel. In Tra Vinh, there are more than 150 temples of the Khmer and Kinh people and 60 temples of Hoa people. Each temple has its own unique feature that you should not miss. Some typical ones are Ong Met, Bao Mon, Ap Soc, Ang, and Hang temple. 

Ba Dong beach is the most beautiful beach in Tra Vinh with the stretching coastal line. This beach still preserves its pristine scenery.