Sa Dec is a provincial city in Dong Thap province, Vietnam. Sa Dec is the economic, financial, educational, and cultural center of southern Dong Thap province. The city is 140 kilometers southwest of Ho Chi Minh city. Sa Dec borders Tien River in the north, Lap Vo district in the northwest, Lai Vung district in the southwest, Cao Lanh district in the east, and Chau Thanh district in the south.

Sa Dec has been famous for its prosperity since its formation. It is said to be the area ​"circulating the water" with the fertile soil, convenient water transportation, linking Tien Giang and Hau Giang. With its special geographic location, Sa Dec is both a production center and a gathering center for rice, forestry, seafood, and other local products. They are transported by boats and ships to Saigon, Nam Vang, and other places. In return, people buy goods in these places and then sell them to the local ones.

Sa Dec is well-known for the Sa Dec flower village - one of the largest flower villages in Vietnam which has an area of over 250 hectares with nearly 2,000 households doing this business. There are up to 1,000 types of flower. Thanks to the proficient craftsmanship and the advantageous climate, Sa Dec flowers are famously beautiful. Especially, Sa Dec flowers are exported to other provinces and also to Laos, Cambodia, and China.