Can Tho with white rice and clean water

All who came would never want to leave”

Can Tho is located in the center of the Mekong River delta on the banks of two main branches of Mekong river which are Tien river and Hau river. It is adjacent to An Giang province on the north, Dong Thap province on the northeast, Hau Giang province on the south, Kien Giang province on the west and Vinh Long province on the east. 

Can Tho lies in the tropical climate with two distinctive seasons which are the rainy season and dry season. The rainy season lasts from May to December whereas dry season lasts from December to April of the next year. In general, the climate in Can Tho is harmonized with few of storms and the annual average temperature is not too high, which is around 27 Celsius degree.

Can Tho is a 200-year-old city, once known as Tay Do and now one of the five biggest cities of Vietnam. All of economic, culture activities closely relating to river and canals which like the 'street'. Can Tho is a peaceful city with the poetic beauty of well-off villages under the shade of coconut trees. It is wonderful to take a boat trip to wander along the canals and visit the orchard gardens. Ninh Kieu wharf is located on the bank of Hau river which is the most outstanding site in Can Tho and considered a symbol of this city. Besides that, there are numerous interesting places such as Bang Lang stork sanctuary, Can Tho and My Khanh tourist orchard gardens and Can Tho market.